Pre-Payment Options


2015-16 School Meal Prices




Children Breakfast – Elementary


Children Breakfast – Middle/High



Adult Breakfast



Children Lunch – Elementary



Children Lunch – Middle/High



Adult Lunch



Extra Milk – All Schools




School meals are charged based upon the rates listed above. If a student chooses a second meal, the student is charged at the adult paid prices, regardless of the pay code status of Free, Reduced, or Paid. In other words, only the 1st meal is considered free or reduced. Therefore students who are eligible for free meals may receive a bill.

Lunch bills will be sent home after each months billing.  You will receive a bill in July for the few meals that are purchased in June. 

Generally, you will receive your bill in the first ten days of the month for the previous month. Please pay your child’s bill promptly. Our charge system is designed for your convenience so that you do not need to send money on a daily basis. We want to continue this courtesy to you. If meal bills are more than two months delinquent, meals can no longer be charged. At this point, you will be notified to send money on a daily basis or send a packed lunch from home.

Online Payments 


Online payments are a simple, safe and secure way to make payments to your students account 24 hours a day at your convenience.  


Mailing Your Meal Funds:

Below are the mailing addresses for all schools if you wish to mail your bill.

                         Payment Information by School


Leading Creek Elementary                                 

Contact:  Violet Butcher

[email protected]

15300 US Highway 33W                             

Linn, WV  26384                                     

(304) 462-7127

Jane Lew School                             

Contact: Heather Montgomery

[email protected]

6536 Main Avenue                                                    

Jane Lew, WV  26378                                               

(304 884-7836


Contact: Frances Bush

[email protected]

509 Berlin Road                                                         

Weston, WV  26452                                      

(304) 269-8330          

Roanoke School                              

Contact: Jennifer Myers

[email protected]

1176 Oil Creek Road                                     

Roanoke, WV  26447                                                            

(304) 452-8887

Robert Bland Middle School                   

Contact:  Tonya Bohan

[email protected]

358 Court Avenue                                                     

Weston, WV  26452                                                                          

(304) 269-8325

Lewis County High School             

Contact: Karalee Lee

[email protected]

205 Minuteman Drive                                                

Weston, WV  26452                                                  

(304) 269-8315